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Monday, 24 January 2011

Joining the Blogosphere
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Day 2 Day

I've been thinking about doing this Blog-thing for a long time.  I've had this web site built and ready to go for years and years.  I'm pretty sure that the reason why it has sat on the shelf for so long is this:  Who in the world would want to take the time to read my crap? Here lately I've begun to change my point of view on lots of things, including my insecurity about the usefulness to others of anything I might have to say.  I sort of don't care any more.  I figure that those who are interested in what I have to share will find me and get something out of this blog.  Those who don't like me or care about whatever I feel like sharing will just close this web page and move on.  So what does it really matter who likes and who doesn't?  Maybe I'm just turning into a mean old lady.  Don't laugh.  It could happen.

For whatever the reason, I've decided that this would be just about as good a place as any for me to keep a journal-slash-recipe book-slash-crafting cabinet-slash-web site link folder-slash-wild rant forum.  So here it is.  I've set this thing up so YOU can post comments.  Yeah, I'm going to review them BEFORE they go out into the world, but so long as you aren't being a total jerk, I'll accept your comments and post them here for all of the world to see.  That is, if anybody besides you and me are reading this stuff. 

As you may have already gathered, I'm a Southern girl.  Yeah, I say y'all and fixin' and ain't and all of those other lovely Southern words.  I didn't put a link to a southern language dictionary on here, so if you can't figure out what I'm saying sometimes, you'll have to "google" it. 

Or leave me a comment and I'll explain.Tongue out

I thought about writing in proper English and using good grammar.  For about a minute.  I mean, what is the fun in that?  If you want to read a proper blog, I reckon you can find one on the world wide web somewhere.  I want to be ME and have fun with this.  Writing like I'm addressing my old English teachers would not be one bit entertaining for me.  And if you are in the age group that missed having an English teacher in high school, don't feel bad.  You had one.  You just didn't know it.  They were called Language Arts teachers in your day.  See how fancy the world has become?  Language Arts my big, fat, ......... C'mon, it was just an English class and I'll bet there wasn't any art to it.

So here's the deal:  You can read my little bio if you want to, but I can save you some time here.  I am a widow in my 50's.  My health has worsened over the years, and now my body refuses to cooperate enough for me to work any more.  I've been on disability retirement for a good little while.  Too many days I feel like crap and just lie around doing much of nothing.  Every now and then though, I feel a little better, and when I do, I piddle around the house trying out easy, sit-down-and-cook recipes, or making some crafty thing.  Lucky for me, I have a lot of hobbies and interests, so boredom doesn't take hold.  Maybe you will be interested in some of these little past-times of mine.  Trust me, the way I feel most days, ain't nothing here going to be too taxing on mind or body.

On that note, I invite you to explore, get to know me, introduce yourself, and let's play!

 Blessings & Peace!



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Updated: Wednesday, 26 January 2011 9:57 PM EST

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